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Indigenous Peoples in Isolation at Risk

On Wednesday, September 29, 2021, the main threats faced by the PIACI were presented in a webinar organized by Land is Life and GTI-PIACI.

This information is the result of a large collective effort between several organizations committed to the defense and promotion of the rights of PIACI in the Amazon and the Gran Chaco region.

We are facing a critical context for the Amazon and the Peoples that inhabit it. In South America, there are records of 158 Indigenous Peoples in Isolation. Even though they play an essential role in the preservation of ecosystems, they are currently at RISK of EXTERMINATION due to eight main threats being supported by an agro-extractive and export oriented model of development.

In view of the inefficiency and the absence of the Countries, we have decided to bet on REGIONAL COOPERATION as an alternative to strengthen local initiatives. Thus, 15 organizations from 8 countries came together to form the International Working Group for the Protection of Indigenous Peoples in Isolation and Initial Contact (GTI-PIACI).

Join the cause towards the protection of the rights of Indigenous Peoples and the preservation of their territories.

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