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Land is Life’s Releases Indigenous Peoples Living in Voluntary Isolation in the Amazon Report

The report, originally produced in Spanish by Land is Life last year, was constructed from eleven local reports prepared by indigenous organizations and allies from Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, which used a consensual reference methodology, according to the specific political, historical and cultural contexts of each country.

This effort represents the most comprehensive report on the topic in the past decade. One of the most critical findings is the identification and verification of more than double the number of indigenous groups living in voluntary isolation than previously formally recognized. The report provides a clear overview of the status of land rights recognition for these groups, as well as maps that identify the extractive and development projects that threaten those lands and territories. It additionally offers an analysis of the existing opportunities to protect the lives of community members and the biocultural diversity of their territories.

The document closes the gap between studies on Indigenous Peoples Living in Voluntary Isolation in South America, by presenting a regional perspective on the reality of these peoples. Land is Life remains committed to supporting these populations as they confront the issues that impact their right to self-determination and protection of their lands and territories.

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